Eleanor Antin on Art, Ageing and Grief

An interview with the performance artist, Eleanor Antin, on her 2017 re-enactment of her 1972 work, CARVING: A Traditional Sculpture 

With Love, A Letter to Cookie and her Stories

An essay for Cabinet magazine about the life, stories, and adolescence, of the writer and actress, Cookie Mueller

Postcards to Performance (About Time)

An essay for gorse journal on British performance art practices

The Peach Slip

An essay on memory and clothing, commissioned to coincide with the launch of The Wapping Project Commissions

Ann Quin’s Night-time Ink, A Postscript

Shown as part of the Royal College of Art graduate show in 2013, this book contains an extended essay that takes the life and work of the British avant-garde novelist Ann Quin as its subject

The Thousand and Third Night: Alternative Miss World, 1975

A performative essay on the Alternative Miss World event of 1975 that took place in the artists’ studios of Butler’s Wharf, published in the collaboratively produced book, After Butler’s Wharf: Essays on a Working Building (Royal College of Art, 2013)

Artificial Hearts

Catalogue essay published to coincide with the exhibition What Will They See of Me? (Jerwood/FVU Awards) at Jerwood Space, London, April 2014

Said & Done

Monograph on the performance practice of the British artist Cally Spooner, published in frieze, May 2014

Scrolling you, and the cold descriptors

Exhibition text on the poetry of Ariana Reines, running parallel to the themes of the exhibition Strange Attraction at APT Gallery in London, March 2015

Girls Modelled in Plaster or, Losing Your Head

Catalogue essay published on the occasion of an exhibition of Kate Lyddon’s work at Standpoint Gallery in London

To Ann, Finally…

An essay for the Irish literary journal gorse that considers the legacy of the work of British avant-garde novelist Ann Quin in contemporary women’s experimental writing, from Kathy Acker to Dodie Bellamy

scrolling the banal babe, in the work of Clunie Reid

I was invited to contribute a text on the work of Clunie Reid to accompany newly commissioned works by the artist for the Photoworks Annual, themed ‘Women’

Autobiographical Bodies

An essay for Cabinet magazine that considers the use of autobiography in 1960s/70s avant-garde literature and art, by way of an unpublished manuscript written by the unknown author, Clive Curtis

The Bark Babe, and friends

Published to coincide with an exhibition of new work by Kate Lyddon, this catalogue essay uses one of the artist’s etchings as a starting point from which to consider food and the feminist fairytale